New College Graduates: Understanding the Importance of Transferable Skills on your Resume
Apr 16

Most new graduates have little or no employment history, but that doesn’t mean they have no work experience. Internships are, perhaps, the most valuable work experience of all for a college student because in doing that work you are applying what you have learned in class and are gaining practical experience in your chosen field.

Don’t minimize your internship on your resume. Highlight it instead, providing a detailed description of the work you performed and the knowledge you gained. Employers will be much more interested in this information than in your part-time jobs, extracurricular activities and core courses.

Likewise, be sure to showcase any research projects you’ve led or participated in while a student. These can include senior projects, major term papers, independent studies or group research studies that are relevant to your chosen field. Dedicate two or three lines to describe the study, including its purpose and your role in it. This information can be presented as a subordinate section within the education portion of your resume, or can be highlighted in its own dedicated section on the resume.

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